frequently asked questions

why are you called familiar joy?

Contrary to popular belief, it is not because my name is Joy. My name is Jo. Yes, that's probably on me, having a business name that's very similiar to my own name! You live and you learn! No, for real though, when I make a film, the thing I’m most drawn to is the joy of a wedding day. They don't call it the best day of your life for nothing! When the couples watch their films again some time later, I want them to be reminded of that joy, to the point where they experience it all over again. An emotion you've felt before, it's familiar.

we're already having a photographer to cover our wedding, do we need video too?

I mean, I'm biased, but... yes! Statistically the most quoted regret from brides and grooms is not booking a videographer. Let's put it this way - don't think of video as being moving photographs, think of video as pictures with sound! With video you'll be able to hear all the important parts again - the music as you come down the aisle, the laughter and cheers of your guests, the jokes during the speeches etc. Video is great for capturing all that. 


My standard package has me arriving around 2 hours before you're due to leave for the ceremony. Then I'm with you through all the way until the first few songs after your first dance, or equivalent time However I also have the option for you to book me on an hourly rate, ideal for elopements or if you don't want the full day filmed. 

what areas do you cover?

I will go anywhere you want me to go! I'm based in Northern Ireland but have shot weddings across Ireland and UK and even a couple different ones over in America! Outside of that Northern Ireland will probably result in a charge to cover the cost of an overnight stay. 

what equipment do you use?

I use several small cameras (Panasonic GH5s) and subtle audio equipment to minimise my presence on the day while still capturing high quality footage and sound. 

what happens if we have to cancel or postpone our wedding?

Definitely a common question during the pandemic! I make sure that in the case of a postponement due to Covid-19 you are never without a wedding video. Thankfully most of my postponements have been to dates that I'm available, however, naturally some weddings had been postponed to dates I was already booked. In this circumstance, I have an excellent trusted team of shooters that can jump in and shoot in my place, then I'll be able to edit your film in my usual style. In the event of a cancellation, unfortunately the retainer that you booked in with would be non refundable, however it would be transferrable should you change your mind! (It's happened before!)

when do we get our final films?

As each film I make is unique, I want to make sure that they're given the time they deserve - this is why my turnaround time is around 20 weeks. Though it's often much sooner than that, this just makes sure that I never have to do a rush job. I want to make sure that I'm 100% happy before I send your film off to you. 

are you insured?

Yes. If your venue requires proof of insurance or a risk assessment, just let me know.

what happens if you're sick or can't make it to the wedding?

Thankfully during my whole career I've never had to call in sick to a wedding! However in the extremely unlikely event that I can't make it personally to your wedding, I'll make sure you're covered. As above, I would arrange for one my trusted shooters to come in and cover the day. I can't stress this enough - you'll never be left hanging. 

can we choose the music you put in our film?

Unfortunately I can't put just whatever music you want in your short film. This is because most popular music can't be licensed without spending literally thousands of pounds to legally use it. Sad times. Thankfully, there are so many great websites out there like MusicBed or Soundstripe that allows us videographers to license some beautiful music for your films. I spend a long time picking each song for my films as I want it to match the atmosphere of the day. If you have a particular genre you love (or hate!) I am very happy to work around your tastes!

why do you provide separate and shorter films instead of one big long video?

I believe the way we watch wedding videos has changed - so many people don't book wedding videographers because they think it will involve sitting down to watch a 3 hour video and who has time for that these days? My ceremony and speeches edits are separate to give you the convenience of being able to watch at your own pace. I know personally there are some days I just watch the speeches of my own wedding video and nothing else. Then my classic short wedding films are perfect for seeing all the candid moments, and for being able to take just 10 minutes out of your day to reminisce about the best day ever! I think there's a fear that if you don't get a big long video, then you're missing out on moments that are cut from shorter ones. To this I say, trust me, you'd be surprised how much can be fit in to a short film. You might miss the same shot from a different angle, or other kinds of repetition, but I am confident of my ability to squeeze a full wedding day into an entertaining short film. 

can we meet up to discuss this more?

Of course! I love getting to meet people in person (or over an online video chat). This really helps us to get to know each other better and I can advise you on any wedding videography questions you may have. 

sounds good, how do we book you?

This is my favourite question! My booking process is so simple. Just get in touch using the contact page to confirm my availability on your date and we'll get chatting about your needs. Once you're ready to go ahead everything is booked in via an online booking portal. It's a quick questionnaire, contract to sign and I take a £300 retainer to secure your date. Then that's you all sorted!

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